Swim with Manatees or Sea Lions + Dolphins

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  • Enjoy the “Experience of a Lifetime” of swimming with dolphins and manatees
  • Perform active and unforgettable behaviors with dolphins
  • Play and interact with Manatees
  • Feed the stingrays
  • Learn about all three of these amazing animals
  • Enjoy an animal lovers dream that is great for families and kids


This amazing day is an animal lovers dream. In the heart of the Riviera Maya you can enjoy the Sea Life Discovery Program in which you will swim with dolphins and then interact with manatees.

In the Royal Swim Program  participants will be able to enjoy performing amazing behaviors with dolphins. Experience the footpush where you will have a dolphin push your feet sending you flying across the water. The dolphin kiss and hug will bring you closer to the dolphins while you will have trainers teach you about these incredible mammals . During the freetime behavior you will be able to play freely with the dolphins as they race around you and play with you. The dorsal tow is another based action behavior where the dolphins will show off their power and strength as you hold onto their dorsal fins and they tow you through the water at speed. The dolphin program is one of the most exciting companies in the entire world and when we say they offer, “The Experience of a Lifetime,” we mean it.

Meet the Manatees

After swimming with the dolphins you will enter the water to interact with Manatees and sting rays. Manatees are gentle giants that look like they have stepped out of another planet. Here you will feed the Manatees, enjoy a one of a kind Manatee kiss, while also petting them on an underwater platform. Trust us even though you do not expect it the Manatees are just as cool as the dolphins.

With the sting rays you will be able to feed these underwater animals that resemble underwater flying carpets. It is a chance to interact with one of the stranger creatures in the sea.. This is a complete day that is absolutely unforgettable.

The unique combination of interacting with dolphins and manatees is a unique day that you will never forget.