Learn how to spearfish like a pro in Playa del Carmen

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  • Learn to spearfish
  • Dive into the deep blue and go hunting for lunch
  • A thrilling adventure that is performed in a responsible manner with a responsible outfit


Sometimes it is necessary to get back in touch with your primal instincts. If you are looking for an adventure and a challenge that combines fitness, technique, strategy, and endurance with a definite touch of adrenaline you should learn how to spearfish. Because the spear fishermen do not use any tanks to descend you should not learn this sport from anyone.  You should learn from a true professional.

During the spearfishing adventure you will learn proper hunting technique from an expert so that you can spearfish in a responsible manner and hunt fish to eat. The spearfishing adventure starts off with an educational and safety briefing before heading out on a panga boat to try your luck at shooting barracuda, snapper, wahoo or tuna, to name a few of the species. Your guide is an expert at locating the best locations to find fish. So what is so cool about spearfishing. There is a definite rush as you dive into the deep hunting for your lunch. The feeling comes from the hunt itself and from having to blend into the natural environment.

Just so you realize. This sport is not easy it is a challenge. The second you land your first fish you will remember the thrill forever.

We reiterate that this outfit is extremely conscious of spearfishing in order to eat versus shooting for sport and strictly follows the rules set forth by the Mexican Spearfishing Association. The outfit is extremely professional and safety conscious. 

This is a unique day that is an unforgettable experience.