Go cavern diving. Dive a cenote in the Riviera Maya

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  • Dive in underwater cavern in the middle of the jungle
  • Enter into a submerged ecosystem that is totally distinct from the ocean
  • Experience the incredible visibility and rock formations that exist under the limestone surface
  • A one of a kind adventure for experienced divers


If you are an avid scuba diver and you would like to experience a different type of dive then diving in the cenotes is a must. The Yucatan Peninsula is a made out of a hollow limestone shelf that has led to the creation of various underground fresh water highways. To access these underwater routes you will enter the jungle and descend into a cenote which is a crystal clear freshwater pool within the jungle. Immediately you will notice that the visibility is like nothing you have ever seen before in your life. The reason why is that there is absolutely no current so the effect is that it feels like you are floating in the air, almost like you are not even in the water at all.

As you dive you will descend into underwater caverns that are a completely different natural ecosystem from the ocean. You will see stalagtites and stalagmites and fish species that have adapted to live in this unique environment. As you move through passageways you will enter into expansive rooms that will amaze you with their beauty. It almost feels like you are an astronaut exploring a different planet. Remember cavern diving is different than cave diving in that there are always sources of sunlight from holes in the limestone surface.

For these cavern dives we work with an outfit with over 32 years of experience. Each and   guide is an expert in their field. These dives are not difficult but we do recommend them for divers who have logged more than thirty dives and feel comfortable in the water. This particular outfit has been diving in cenotes for many years and tremendous amounts of experience. This adventure is exhilarating and completely unique in the world.

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