If you are IANTD certified. Go cave diving in the Riviera Maya

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  • Enjoy cave diving in some of the worlds best locations
  • Only for IANTD certified divers
  • One of the worlds most incredible adventures


For more than a decade this dive outfit has taken certified technical divers to discover the best cave dives in the world. The Yucatan Peninsula is a technical divers dream as the hollow limestone surface has created a natural phenomena where one can enter into these collapsed underground caves and explore the water table.

What makes these underground caves so special is that they are a completely different ecosystem. From the clarity of the water, to the incredible rock formations or the completely different and unusual species of fish that inhabit these caves you are diving into something that is different and magical, you are diving into the underworld.

Cave diving used to be a very difficult and dangerous sport. This adventure is only for experienced divers who are IANTD certified (International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers). On this journey you will be accompanied by one of the regions foremost outfits that are experts in technical diving with more than a decade of operating experience in which time they have moved many divers through the caves. This is not a fly by night operation and is by far one of the most experienced and well regarded outfits for technical diving in all of Latin America.

The outfit can take you to classic routes such as Chac Mool, Tajmaha, Dos Ojos , Carwash, Temple of Doom or to new routes such as Popcorn, Zazil ha, etc.

The experience of exploring and diving into caves is something only a few will experience but those who do will enjoy magical and unique of an experience without comparison.