Yoga and raw food in the jungle

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  • Enjoy a power Ashtanga yoga class in a unique jungle yoga school
  • Enjoy a meal of raw food
  • Get spiritual and take a unique yoga class in the jungle


Yoga with Coco is a great experience for someone who wants to enjoy a Yoga class with an experienced teacher while enjoying a delicious raw food lunch. The setting is simple and completely serene as it takes place in a unique yoga shala (school) located deep in the jungle.

Coco is an experienced teacher that trained in India who practices a form of Ashtanga Yoga better known as Power Yoga. In this two hour class you receive an amazing workout while you feel the peaceful energy that this quiet environment has to offer. Outside visitors often include curious monkeys.

Following the yoga session visitors will enjoy a meal prepared for you of raw food. The Raw Food diet is natural food prepared without cooking or heating up, in a way that it maintains its enzymatic or nutritional properties. Because the food maintains its essential nutrients you will feel an almost immediate increase in your level of energy. The food is simple and tasty including smoothies, fresh salads, soups and desserts.

The classes are located in Puerto Morelos, which is an incredible low key beach town which is perfect for exploring after your class. The town is famous for its snorkeling as well as its relaxing atmosphere.

This is a unique Yoga experience because of its simplicity and because of the incredible natural food which is delicious. Combine the Yoga with Puerto Morelos and you can enjoy a great workout and an unforgettable day in an authentic mexican seaside village.