Snorkel away from the crowds and explore the authentic Margaritaville

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  • Enjoy snorkeling on the Great Mayan Reef, the second longest coral reef in the world
  • Go onboard a panga and snorkel on a shallow section of the reef that is the one of the best snorkeling places in the Riviera Maya
  • See an incredible variety of tropical fish and corals
  • Hang out in the quirky seaside village that served as the inspiration for the song Margaritaville
  • A perfect tour for all ages that want to enjoy snorkeling


Puerto Morelos is a funky cool mexican seaside village that was the inspiration for Jimmy Buttets famous song Margaritaville. The town is also becoming famous for its world class snorkeling which is often recognized as the best snorkeling in the entire Riviera Maya. The snorkeling is great because the shallow reef is located only a short boat ride from shore, and because it offers great visibility and slow currents which make it ideal to see all types of marine life including colorful tropical fish and corals.

For this experience you will hop onboard a panga boat and head out to the Great Mayan Reef which is the second longest coral reef in the world. Once you arrive you will put on your fins and mask and head off with a guide to explore the better areas where you are likely to see the most marine life.

After snorkeling the reef you will head back to shore where you can stop off for lunch at one of the many seaside restaurants in Puerto Morelos and enjoy drinking a margarita in paradise.

This tour is perfect for all ages as well as for families. It is simple, beautiful and the combination of a small tropical village with fantastic snorkeling makes it a unique day.