Learn the art of Freediving

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  • Learn a unique skill learn to freedive in the caribbean
  • Learn to relax your body and mind so you can dive further and deeper
  • Explore the ocean and cenotes in a silent and natural way
  • Learn from a great teacher and get AIDA certification


Freediving is learning the art of how to dive your own lung power in other words without the use of a tank. Think Pearl divers in the South Pacific. In freediving you will learn how to relax your body and your mind so that you can dive further and deeper than ever before. Experienced freedivers can easily hold their breath for minutes at a time. The benefit of this incredible activity is that it is a completely silent and natural way to explore the ocean. In the ocean if you are able to swim silently you become a more natural part of the environment as opposed to cumbersome and noisy scuba tanks. With improved freediving skills you will become a better snorkeler and be able to explore the reef for longer amounts of time and deeper than you imagined possible.  

At the freediving school you will learn, practice and perfect breath holding skills in a controlled environment and develop the necessary skills and knowledge to safely freedive. The AIDA course is three days long where you will learn the theory of freediving, covering such topics as: physics that apply to freedivers, breathing techniques, and safety rules.  

Classes begin in a static environment such as a swimming pool where you can begin to learn basic Apnea (breath holding). After you have improved your skills in a static environment you will then freedive in a cenote with the goal of reaching from 16 to 20 meters (48 to 60 feet) and a static apnea (holding your breath in a swimming pool) for up to 2 minutes.

The classes are taught by an accomplished freediver. This diver has a passion for the ocean that inspired him to become a scuba instructor taking him across the world until he discovered the Yucatan Peninsula. It was here that he founded his Freediving school with his goal of sharing his passion and experience in freediving with others. This diver prides himself in his teaching skills and his courses which combine fun and learning of this incredible sport.

This sport is for ocean lovers who are interested in improving their breath holding skills and becoming a improved watermen or simply furthering their skills to better blend into the natural environment.  The feeling of freediving is hard to describe but the ability to hold your breath and go deeper than you thought possible is blissful. This activity is beautiful and amazing. Give it a try and learn from someone who is a great teacher with experience.