Native's park, an ATV tour adventure

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  • Ride awesome ATVs
  • Learn while having fun
  • Swim in a beautiful cenote
  • Enjoy the jungle and the Mayan culture


There is nothing better than to feel the thrill of exploring the Mayan jungle on an ATV! This is a fun experience where along the way you will see all kinds of amazing things including authentic Mayan ruins, caves and a beautiful cenote. One of the coolest things you will experience on this adventure is swimming in transparent crystal clear waters in the middle of the jungle and learning how these amazing natural pools are formed. This adventure is not to be missed!

The journey begins at Doña Mary's house, one of the first habitants and pioneers of Playa del Carmen. She will kindly show you her lovely garden of medicinal plants and teach you about the true lifestyle of people who lived here many years ago. Next you will drive your ATV through the jungle and visit the Mayan ruins. At the ruins take part in a clasical Mayan ceremony with a real local Shaman and after that give yourself the pleasure of swimming in La Media Luna, a beautiful cenote with fresh and pristine waters in the middle of the jungle. However, the road does not end here! Next you will explore a cave and learn all about the amazing rock formations including stalagmites and stalagtites. This is a memorable day that combines the best of the jungle with incredible Mayan ruins.

It is a day that you will not soon forget.