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What is Unikgo? (pronounced Unique Go) is an online guide for discovering and booking the most unique and unforgettable adventures, lessons, tours and luxury properties available in beach destinations.

All the unforgettable experiences listed on our site are performed by experts who are passionate about either sharing amazing moments in nature, teaching you something new, or sharing their special talent with you. Each experience offered has been carefully selected based upon its authenticity and its ability to stir your imagination.

Whether it is an adrenaline fueled dive with bullsharks, a one of a kind cultural encounter such as living with a real Mayan community in the heart of the jungle, or learning to cook in a quaint beachside, every Unikgo tour has been chosen on the basis that it will either get your heart pumping, teach you something new, or be memorably fun.

To provide our users with the most interesting moments possible we access our deep network xplorers, divers, artists, teachers, historians, chefs, archeologists, party animals and convince them to work with Unikgo in order to provide our users with the most out of the box experiences.

Remember that our activities can be handled by either organized tour companies or by single individuals that act as guides but every experience must be vetted. This means that we have personally visited each service provider, found them to be very professional, and made sure that they offer something that is out of the ordinary. Whether you are a local or a tourist we invite you to experience Unikgo.

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