Xcaret all inclusive + transportation

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  • A unique eco park that is part zoo, part cultural center, and part aquarium
  • Incredible animal attractions including butterfly pavillion, flamingos, jaguars, dolphins, and manatees
  • Swim in an underground river that is out of this world
  • A night show that will blow you away
  • Authentic cultural displays including the ancient Mayan Ball Game


Xcaret is a park like no other in the world. It is an eco theme park that is part aquarium, part zoo, part cultural center and is constantly rated as one of the best eco parks in the world.

Xcaret attractions are seemingly limitless. Just the animal section includes being able so see an incredible butterfly pavillion, Jaguars, Turtle Sanctuary, Flamingos, Batcave, Shark pool, and Manatee lagoon.

The natural fauna tour is another very interesting part of the park as you can visit the living museum of orchids, and walk through the tropical jungle trail where you can see natural gum, cinammon and vanilla grow.

The park covers a very large area which can make walking around the park a hot endeavor . To beat the heat we strongly recommend taking a dip in the incredible underground river where you can lazily float down this incredible natural attraction . The river water is refreshing and makes for an unforgettable journey as you float through a cave below the surface of the jungle.

Another interesting facet of Xcaret is that they have gone to incredible lengths to provide authentic cultural attractions that are both ancient as well as from the present day and reflect the rich culture of Mexico and of the region. Make sure that you see the traditional Mayan Ball Game as it was really played, or try and stay for the night show which is a musical show that takes you through the history of Mexico.

A visit to Xcaret is definitely unique and worth visiting but make sure that you take the time to cool off and break up the heat by take a dip in the underground river. The animals, the natural attractions, the underground river, and the night show make this day unforgettable.