Private snorkel with Sailfish

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  • Snorkel with the fastest fish in the Sea. A once in a lifetime experience that will get your adrenaline pumping
  • Get up close by snorkeling with sailfish as they trail baitfish. See the sailfish up close, changing colors as they hunt for their prey
  • Enjoy this adventure with an experienced guide that are experts in bringing you up close to the sailfish
  • This adventure is ideal for those who are comfortable in the ocean and are looking for something raw, where the adrenaline will get pumping


Season January to March

If you are ready to swim with the fastest and one of the most beautiful fish in the ocean get ready for the heart racing adventure of a lifetime, snorkeling with sailfish.

During winter, the sailfish arrive at the Mexican Caribbean just off the surrounding waters of nearby Isla Mujeres. The sailfish come attracted by the abundance of sardines in the area which they feed on. Enjoy seeing these beautiful animals in all of their majestic beauty as they speed by you and feed on sardine “bait balls.” These remarkable fish are the fastest fish in the sea and have been clocked at speeds as high as 68 mph. Look closely and watch the sailfish change colors from deep blues to violent purples as they try and confuse their prey.

Even though the idea of swimming with an animal with a sharp bill sounds inherently dangerous, sailfish like to keep their distance from swimmers.

This tour is run by experienced waterman and, one of Mexico’s foremost scuba divers, underwater photographer and videographers. He literally has gills and has worked with many expeditions including various for National Geographic. This tour is one of the most unique and  exciting experiences in the world and can not be missed.