Rio secreto Cavern

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  • Get to know one of the most beautiful underground rivers on earth
  • Small and personalized groups
  • An unforgettable adventure  


If you happen to be in the Riviera Maya it is imperative that you make a stop in one of the most beautiful and spectacular underground river tours of the Yucatán Península right in Playa del Carmen.

Inside the reserve you will find caves with exceptionally extravagant rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites of all shapes and sizes, plus, the underground river in Rio Secreto is one of the most unique natural attractions in México. It was used by the ancient Mayan civilizations as a source of fresh water due to the fact that the underground water is pristine, clean and has essential minerals good for your health. It is definitely one of the most special and beautiful places in the world. Venture into the depths of a truly magical place full of wonders to see and admire. Feel the silence and the tranquility, be amazed by the history of Mother Nature. All the necessary equipment is provided upon arrival, the helmet, the lantern, and the vest. At the end of the journey relax and try the delicious buffet of traditional Mexican food, specially prepared for you.

The groups of people are small, making this a completely personalized tour of 2:30 hours approximately. All the guides are characterized for loving the work, passion for nature and their friendliness with people. This tour is for all the family but it is not recommended for small children or people with physical problems.