Night dive at the museum

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  • Enjoy a surreal and unique night dive at an underwater sculpture museum
  • Divers will very often see lobsters, sting rays, barracuda as well as a variety of fish. Remember the underwater life really comes alive at night.
  • The reef is easily accessible from Cancun.
  • An incredible experience for divers who are searching for something different


If you enjoy day dives but have never been night diving this is your opportunity to get a whole different perspective at the ocean. At night the ocean is much more vibrant as the tropical fish are feeding and the true color of corals can be appreciated. One of the coolest things about night diving is that the ocean is so full of bioluminescence that many fish and corals actually glow.

With its variety of shallow coral reefs and its tranquil Bay, Cancun is one of the best places in the world for night dives. But there is one night dive that trumps them all. The MUSA Museum designed by Jason de Caires Taylor is an underwater ecological museum with hundreds of underwater sculptures. At night the Museum takes on a cool out of this world look. You will feel like you are discovering Atlantis by night as you explore these one of kind sculptures. At the Museum you are likely to see all sorts of life including families of lobsters, barracuda and stingrays.

We are not exaggerating when we say that the reef is much more alive at night than in the day. The dive is handled by a longtime operator who has more than thirty years of diving experience in the area. Try this once in a lifetime dive and get ready to enjoy this out of the world experience.