Prehispanic cooking class in the jungle

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  • Prehispanic Cooking class where you can prepare authentic indigenous food
  • The location in the jungle is incredible
  • Learn something new
  • Two words. Cochinita Pibil (mayan bbq’d pork)


This Prehispanic Cooking class in the middle of the jungle teaches you cooking techniques and lets you enjoy dishes from the ancient Maya and Aztecs. This class is for experienced travellers or foodies that want to sample something different and unique. Let it be known that the food is absolutely delicious and only one dish includes bugs. If you don’t want to try the grasshoppers it is not the end of the world.

In the class you will use original ingredients and spices to prepare such authentic dishes as Poc Chuc (Mayan Pork Chop), Cochinita Pibil (mayan bbq pork), Lime Soup, Salubutes (tostadas), guacamole made with a molcajete (lava rock), authentic sauces, bannana and sweet potato dishes.

The dishes you will learn to prepare reflect the culture and ancient cuisine prior to the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. The spices, cooking instruments, and techniques all adhere to the ways of the ancients.

The meals are served with authentic hand made tortillas and the food tends to be spicy. This experience is insightful, delicious and fun. The location in the middle of the jungle makes it all the more amazing.

So learn something new, have fun and does us a favor and eat the grasshopper quesadilla it is surprisingly delicious.