Mayan Community, Gastronomical Tour, Melipona Bees and Plant Lesson

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  • Unique gastronomical tour in a Mayan community
  • Participate in the making of your own meal 


Curious about traditional Mayan food in the Peninsula? Don´t miss out on this absolutely unique gastronomical tour into a Mayan community called Chunhuhub in Felipe Carrillo Puerto where you will taste delicious traditional dishes cooked with love for you. A must if you happen to be in Playa del Carmen!

The tour begins with a blessing under a Yaxché tree and the sacred Balché drink. After this traditional Maya ceremony you will be invited to watch and participate with the locals as they harvest, prepare, and cook their local foods. This includes making tortillas with the three Mayan stones. A walk throughout a beautiful reserve filled with orchids will lead us to the famous Melipona Bees of the Yucatan whose honey is famous throughout the world, and is considered a highly nutricional and medicinal element. Last but not least, an important lesson on the Henequen is imparted, a miracle plant with a variety of uses that boggles the mind. To finish off the tour you will love a traditional meal prepared especially for you!