Mayan “Chewing Gum” Adventure and Float Trip

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  • Learn how the present day Maya harvest natural chewing gum
  • Take a float trip through the lagoon channels in Sian Kaan
  • Visit the lagoons of Sian Kaan  a UNESCO World Heritage Site


his unique experience is a chance to get closer to the culture of the present day Maya as you visit a camp in the jungle and learn how they harvest natural chicle (chewing gum). The process is very interesting as you will observe how the Maya climb the chicle trees and make incisions  in order to drain the sap which is later turned from a rubbery paste and made into chewing gum. This process is interesting and is a way to observe how the Maya live today.

The next step is to the lagoons of Sian Kaan.  This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most beautiful national reserves in all of Mexico and the Caribbean. With miles of beautiful virgin white sand beaches, untouched lagoons, untrafficked coral reefs, it has one of Mexico’s largest diversities of wildlife.  The reserve is a natural wonder with over 350 species of birds, as well as monkeys, manatees, jaguars, tejones, and wild pigs to name a few.

At the lagoon visitors will board a panga boat and cruise into the lagoon where you are likely to see incredible wildlife including species of birds, fish, or even manatees. The scenery is untouched and spectacular. The surrounding lagoon, and savannah makes you feel like you are in remote Africa.

After cruising for a while you will arrive at a Mayan ruin in the middle of the lagoon that used to function as a customs house. Here you will put on a life jacket and jump into the surrounding turquoise lagoon to float through a channel through mangrove. The channel current will push you  like a lazy river where you will float for a couple of kilometers through transparent waters. The float is completely unique, beautiful and peaceful.

After floating through the channels you will then head back to have a lunch with typical regional food. The operator is a company founded as a joint venture between the Mayans and the local cooperatives with a commitment to sustainable development that generates jobs for people who live in the local communities. The experience is very personalized and provides a genuine cultural exchange between tourists and the Maya that inhabit the area.

The tour combines culture with an incredible float trip you will not soon forget.