Learn to kitesurf with an expert in the ideal location

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  • Learn to kitesurf with experts
  • Learn to kitesurf in an ideal location with steady wind and calm water
  • Feel the thrill, speed and sensation of flight



Kitesurfing is one of the worlds great adventure sports. Imagine using the power of wind to propel you with the use of a giant kite and a surfboard. The result is a sport that combines the elements of wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, and paragliding.

The sensation of kitesurfing is one of flying across the water as you will reach speed. As your skills advance you can perform incredible jumps where you hang in the air and reach great heights that you would have thought unimaginable. But before you run you need to learn how to walk and to walk you need a great teacher.

The beginners kitesurf program is a 3 hour program over 3 days where an expert kitesurf teacher will teach you about equipment and safety and the theory of kitesurfing. Next you will learn basic kite flying techniques. After you get a feel for flying the kite you will be able to go into a calm lagoon to perform a “body drag” where the kite will drag you through the lagoon without the board being attached to your feet. By the second course you are likely to enjoy your first ride. Here you will feel the cool gliding sensation of kitesurfing which is an unforgettable sensation. As you gain confidence you will also learn to control your kite better, and skills such as one hand piloting.

Every student advances at a different pace but by the third class you are likely to be able to kitesurf on your own, ride upwind and basically become independent. In other words you are rocking and having a blast.

These classes are handled with an expert and in an ideal place to learn which is the lagoon of Isla Blanca north of Cancun. The area is a beautiful shallow and calm lagoon that almost always has a comfortable wind that is perfect for learning. The instructors are all experts and they pride themselves in the personalized service they offer. They love to kitesurf and they love teaching you.

So come and try this amazing sport. At first it can be a little tricky but once you are up and going we promise you that you will love it.