Learn how to race a Mercedes, Audi or a Ferrari

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  • Race a Mercedes, Audi or Ferrari
  • be instructed by an expert car racer
  • Enjoy the adrenaline of speed and luxury


Zero to Sixty Miles per hour in 3.2 seconds, do we need to say more? If you are a car lover or a lover of speed then this tour is an absolute must. The dream lineup is difficult in itself to choose from as you can select to race a Ferrari, Mercedez or an Audi. If you want to drive more than one vehicle this is also a possibility.

Enough details this is how it works. First you will be instructed by an expert car racer who will teach you proper driving technique and safety skills for these amazing vehicles. After a thirty minute instruction you will take a couple of practice laps in a Hummer H2 where the instructor will further teach you tecnhiques and show you the inns and outs of the track. Next you and your instructor will get into the car you have selected and put the petal to the metal for 5 laps.

The track has various turns and spots where you can really hit the gas but you are also being monitored by an instructor who can override you if you get out of control or take a turn too tight. Trust us when we say that it takes a lot for the instructor to override you since these vehicles have been designed for pure speed.