Be a copilot in a racecar

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  • Get your adrenaline flowing as you are driven by a Nascar trained driver around a race track
  • Feel what it feels like to go really, really fast.
  • Choose from a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi or a Lotus


Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to ride in a race car and go really, really fast. With the Hot Lap Cancun you will experience what it it feels like to be driven by Nascar driver around a race track in either a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, or Lotus for three unforgettable laps. The speed and skill of your driver is guaranteed as you will be riding with a professional driver who is trained to take turns at full speed. The Hot Lap is a guaranteed way to get your adrenaline pumping as you hit speeds that will take your breath away.

This is unique experience for those who love speed or adrenaline.