Diving with Mantarays

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  • An incredible journey and adventure to scuba dive with Mantarays
  • Dive with these incredible animals that are the size of a small VW bug and look like they are from outer space
  • This dive is for adventurous divers that don’t mind trekking to find something unique


Season September 15 to November 15

This one of a kind dive is for those who are looking for an extraordinary experience with animals. This adventure includes an early wakeup and is somewhat of a journey but is well worth it. Originally the dive site was located by fisherman who had their nets caught on what seemed to be an underwater mountain. When they went to get the nets unstuck they discovered that it was surrounded by huge Manta Rays.

Manta Rays are one of the most beautiful animals in the sea and not many people ever really talk about them. They are related to sting rays but they have no natural defense besides their intimidating size. Manta Rays can be the size of a VW bug but have an unmatched grace as they glide effortlessly along. These animals are in no way aggressive and leave most of those who see them awestruck. The most common description is that they almost seem like animals from another planet.

Diving with Mantas is a relatively easy dive but the journey is not for everyone.  This adventure is only from April 1st to June 1st.  If you are a scuba diver who is looking for something different and unique and then this is an incredible adventure that is out of this world and completely unique.