Scuba dive at an underwater sculpture museum

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  • Dive at an underwater sculpture museum like no other with over 600 ecological marine statues in a region with near perfect visibilty that is home to a variety of fish and lobster
  • Observe how the museum is slowly taking on a life of its own
  • Enjoy a second dive at a nearby coral reef that is loaded with tropical fish
  • A perfect adventure for certified divers of all experience levels


Dive at an underwater sculpture museum and a beautiful coral reef

If you want to experience a one of a kind dive then you have to visit the Jason de Caires Taylor underwater sculpture museum also known as MUSA. Jason Taylor is an internationally recognized artist who has designed over 600 ecological marine statues that have been submerged with the goal of creating a natural attraction which takes pressure off of the nearby reefs. The results have been spectacular as they are now home to spiny lobsters, barracuda and an array of tropical fish. When you are diving amongst the statues you will feel like you are in a lost world as you see the faces of these amazing sculptures and how they are evolving into the natural environment. You will see how corals are growing on these sculpture and transforming them into something completely beautiful, colorful and alive.

The second dive will  be to a nearby coral reef that is full of colorful tropical fish. Often on this reef you will see lobsters and moray eels and rays.

This unique two tank dive that combines scuba diving at an underwater sculpture museum, with a second dive on a beautiful coral reef  is a must visit for any certified diver visiting Cancun.