Swim with dolphins, interact with manatees, and sail on a catamaran

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  • Swim with dolphins in a dynamic and interactive experience
  • Perform incredible behaviors with the dolphins such as the footpush
  • Interact with manatees on a submerged platform
  • Set sail of a catamaran and head along the worlds second longest coral reef


This is one of the most complete and unique days in all of Mexico and is especially cool for families. The day starts off  with  the Royal Swim Program  where you will enjoy swimming with the dolphins and being able to perform amazing behaviors with these incredible mammals that are both fun and dynamic such as the dorsal town, foot push, free time, games, bar jump, hand target, kiss, hug, and dancing.

Swim with dolphins

Each of these behaviors has been designed to bring you closer to dolphins than you ever dreamed possible. During the dorsal tow the dolphins will tow you through the water at high speeds. With freetime you will be able to play freely with them. The more active you are the more the dolphins will respond to you. The footpush is a behavior like no other in the world. In this behavior a  dolphin pushes your feet and sends you flying across the water at twenty miles per hour. Lets think about that statement again. You have a dolphin that swims over to you, places his nose on the base of your feet and before you know it you are gliding across the water. It literally looks and feels like you are running on water.

Other behaviors that make for unforgettable foto opportunities include the dolphin kiss or the hug. Holding the dolphin in your arms for the hug, and looking into a dolphins eyes is surreal because it is really a moment that you will not forget.

The company that promotes this service prides itself on taking great care of its dolphins and the trainers are dedicated experts who take the time to teach and educate you about these amazing mammals.

This stellar program  is considered to be“The Experience of Lifetime.”

Meet the Manatees

After swimming with the dolphins you will enter the water to interact with Manatees. Manatees are gentle giants that look like they have stepped out of another planet. Here you will feed them their favorite snack (lettuce) enjoy a one of a kind Manatee kiss, while also petting them on an underwater platform. Trust us,  even though you might not know what to expect with the manatees it is just as memorable of an experience as swimming with the dolphins.

Set sail on a catamaran

To complete the day you will set sail on a two hour catamaran ride and enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean Sea. From the boat you can see exciting marine life as the second longest coral reef in the world is right in front of you.

This incredibly complete day is without a doubt the “Experience of a Lifetime.”