Sail to a nearby island on a private sailboat

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  • Set sail onboard a comfortable private sailboat and head out for a leisurely day of cruising and snorkeling at a beautiful reef
  • Sail to the nearby island of Isla Mujeres for a delicious lunch that consists of local seafood dishes such as ceviche or a mayan style BBQ
  • A relaxing day that is perfect for families and all ages


The quintessential experience for someone who loves the ocean is to come aboard a comfortable sailboat and set sail for a perfect day of beauty, sun, fun, snorkeling and relaxation.

Because of its usually calm blue transparent waters the Cancun Bay is a perfect place for sailing. Set sail with with a sailing expert who has a  passion for sailing and providing great service to each and every guest.

On this great day you will set set sail for the nearby island of women (Isla Mujeres) but your first stop will be to a nearby reef that is loaded with colorful fish and is perfect for snorkeling or for swimming. After time spent in the water you will sail towards Isla Mujeres (island of women) for lunch. On the island you will either either eat a Ceviche (fish lunch cooked naturally with lemon juice, onions and tomatoes) or a tikin xic, which is a traditional mayan style bar b q’d fish that is grilled to perfection. Both dishes are a traditional dishes eaten by locals and fishermen alike.

This tour is a no brainer for an easy going adventure and completely encompasses the beauty of the area. Luis and his crew are very focused on providing excellent service and safety on the ocean so that you can enjoy an unforgettable day.