Get certified to Scuba Dive

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  • Learn to scuba dive and enjoy performing your first dives at nearby shallow coral reefs
  • Cancun is a perfect place to learn how to scuba dive because of its shallow reefs, warm warm, and year round good visibility.
  • Learn an amazing sport which will change your life
  • Learn from an experienced school that is passionate about teaching


Take a break from the beach and get certified for scuba diving. If you are already a diver then take a specialty course. They are life changers.

The first time you go Scuba Diving you will feel like you are an underwater astronaut. You will feel the sensation of breathing underwater and of weightlessness. Where snorkeling is limited to the amount of time you can hold your breath, Scuba Diving will let you spend considerable time underwater while you observe and explore the incredible beauty that the ocean has to offer.

By learning to dive you will see all types of amazing marine life that you never thought you would encounter.

Many have misperception that Scuba Diving is difficult but with proper training it is relatively easy and fun. The two courses that are perfect for beginners are the PADI Openwater Course and the Discovery Scuba Diving Course. Both programs cater to ages as young as 10 years old up to any age as long as your are healthy. The courses consist of theory, pool time, and dives at the reefs. At we work with a medium size operator with 33 years of experience teaching divers how to Scuba Dive. The operators are professional, and completely focused on providing their guests with the best instruction possible in order to provide a safe and enjoyable learning experience.

Once you learn how to dive not only will you be able to dive anywhere in the world but you are sure to develop a further appreciation  for the ocean and its amazing marine life by participating in this amazing sport.