Try Paddleboard Yoga

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  • Experience Paddleboard Yoga and get connected with nature
  • Improve your balance, your tan, your strength and your body
  • Loads of fun
  • Perfect experience for someone looking for something new that combines exercise and nature


If you practice Yoga and are willing to try something a little different and unique come and try Paddleboard Yoga. With Paddle board Yoga you combine traditional yoga poses with balancing on a paddleboard in the calm waters of the Cancun Bay.

The class starts off with a short twenty minute warm up on the beach. Next you will get on your paddleboard for a 40 minute yoga session with traditional poses.

What makes paddleboard yoga an especially cool experience is that instead of being inside a studio you are outside in the sun and ocean. Besides connecting you with nature this sport  improves your core strength, and balance in a relaxing setting.

The class is taught by a true waterman and lover of yoga. Classes are held in Cancun in the bay where the water is almost always flat.  So work on your balance, have fun, and get limber out there. This is an experience that is perfect for all ages.