Ride a camel through jungle and to a beautiful beach

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  • Ride a camel through the jungle and arrive at a beautiful Caribbean beach
  • Learn about these incredible animals with a well trained staff
  • See interesting wildlife native to the area
  • A perfect adventure for families


If riding a horse is too ordinary for you then come out and try the Camel Safari. For those who don’t know much about camels they are some of the most amazing animals in the world. Besides being intelligent camels, they are agile mammals that can reach speeds up to 25 miles per hour and have unmistakable personalities which you will discover on this tour.

At Camel ranch you will immediately notice the great care that the trainers provide for their camels and the affection that they have for them.

The tour begins with you getting acquainted with your camel. The best way to win over your new friend is to offer him some carrots. After getting acquainted the adventure begins as you head off through jungle. In the jungle you are likely to see a variety of animals including monkeys, iguanas and tropical birds. You will ride your camel through the jungle and the wetlands until you arrive at a beautiful white sand beach with a  beautiful view of the Caribbean. The arrival at the beach is ideal for great photo opportunities.

On the beach you can take some great photos before returning. This tour is great for families or for someone who just wants something leisurely and different. Remember this though as you approach the Caribbean on your camel you are without a doubt experiencing something unique.