Beach or underwater photo session with a gifted artist

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  • Enjoy a unique photo session with a talented local photographer and artist
  • Keep 10 memorable photographs that are artistic


Ok so you are in paradise and want to best capture the moment but don’t exactly know how.  We might have the answer. Enjoy a one of kind photosession on the beach or underwater with a world class artist and photographer.

These photo sessions occur in one of the most beautiful sections of ocean and beach in all of Cancun. The photographer and artist will talk to you about what idea you are trying to capture and will then use his creativity to make unforgettable photographs that are in themselves works of art.

Whether it is an underwater artistic shot or an action shot of you surfing at sunrise the artist is a professional at capturing the moment and then editing the photographs in a way that you end up with a framer that you will be proud of. At the end of the session the artist will provide you with ten photographs that he has edited and are yours to keep.

The artist is an avid surfer who by chance discovered his incredible talent for painting and photography when he volunteered to paint a mural for the restaurant he was working for that became immediately recognized. Since then he has rapidly become one of Cancun and the Riviera Maya’s most recognized artists.

These photo sessions are incredibly fun and capture the beauty of Cancun and its amazing water. The end product are photographs that are artistic and memorable.