Top 10 Dive Sites in the Riviera Maya

Maroma Wall (Riviera Maya)

Maroma Wall Dive site

Maroma Wall is a wall dive offshore from the Maroma Spa and Resort. The wall starts to get interesting around 90 feet then drops into an abyss. Water depth, the presence of strong currents and big predators make Maroma Wall an option for experienced divers, those not likely to flinch if a massive hammerhead shark swims into the area.

Chinchorro Bank (Costa Maya)

Chinchorro Bank, Costa Maya

Located in the Costa Maya this is a reef system that has claimed many a boat for centuries and is in fact home to several sunken Spanish Galleons. There are only a few companies that will take you to Chinchorro. The dives are incredible with a largely undisturbed natural environment.

San Francisco Reef

San Francisco Reef

The San Francisco is a coral wall sitting offshore Cozumel in relatively shallow water. It’s a world of living coral, aquatic formations and a wealth of diverse marine life. A satisfying, fun dive once you get the knack of moving along the wall.

Santa Rosa Reef

Santa Rosa Reef

A bit of a challenge, Cozumel’s Santa Rosa wall requires a knowledgeable local guide and experience as a diver as currents can be deceivingly strong. The Santa Rosa, however, is worth the effort for the underwater scenery is spectacular.


Palancar Reef, Cozumel

Cozumel’s Palancar Reef is legendary with reason; home to a vast variety of corals and other subaquatic vegetation, a veritable forest of exotic shapes and colors, not to mention the fish! An exciting dive.

Columbia Reef

Columbia Reef

Cozumel’s Columbia Reef is an adventure suitable and satisfying for both snorkelers and beginner divers due to its location in relatively shallow water and its abundance and diversity of coral and other marine life

C-56 Sunken Warship (Puerto Morelos)

C-56 Sunken Warship Puerto Morelos

The C-56 is an old warship turned coral reef lying off the coast of Puerto Morelos, the fishing village expat retreat 30 minutes south of Cancun. Over the years, the boat has morphed into a bonafide coral reef with resident life making it an interesting and unusual dive.

No name reef

Cancun No name reef

The No Name Reef was so christened by local divers who love the place. It’s one of Cancun’s favorite dive sites, full of life and color.

C-58 Sunken Boat (Cancun)

C-58 Sunken Boat in Cancun

Sunken warships such as the C-58 gradually evolve into full-blown reefs. Today, covered with living coral and other aquatic organisms and plants, C-58 is home and safe haven for millions of fish and other marine life. Located in Cancun’s waters, C-58 makes for an exotic and thrilling dive.


MUSA Cancun

A new series of sculptures have recently been submerged in the Nizuc area of MUSA. The new pieces by Jason de Caires Taylor are uniquely designed to filter nutrients from the water column. There are 450 statues here and their eye formation is as such in order to protect the statues and of course the marine life and coral from weather conditions. Other statues from the museum in Cancun that can be seen during this dive are a life sized VW Beetle car, The Bankers, Urban Reef, Bio Map, Bacab and Timebomb.

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